KNF gas and liquid pumps are used in all areas of industrial inkjet printing, from printing equipment for large-format banners to decorative printing on furniture and ceramics as well as printing systems for barcodes and packaging labels.

Our custom-built solutions ensure a continuous transfer of ink and boast a reliable, durable and maintenance-free design.

KNF works alongside the world‘s leading inkjet printer manufacturers.


From ink supply and degassing to the cleaning and purging of print heads, vacuum generation on the print heads for the meniscus effect and ink circulation, our customized, comprehensive solutions use gas and liquid pumps to perform all the processes needed to ensure the continuous transfer of ink. KNF’s diaphragm pumps are tailored to all the specific requirements of both Drop-on-Demand and Continuous Inkjet technology.


Fully adaptable: KNF pumps are known for their outstanding flexibility. With their compact design, ability to be installed in any position and fully adjustable controls, all pump components can be adapted to meet the exact needs of your equipment.

Chemically resistant and robust: When designing our gas and liquid pumps, we take the chemical composition of the ink, the pigment density and the use of solvents into account. To ensure that our solution fulfils your specifications, you can choose to have your wetted pump components produced from like FFKM, PTFE, EPDM, FKM and others. KNF pumps are able to transfer all types of ink used in the printing industry, from water-based and pigment inks to solvent-based and UV inks. What’s more, even our pump name plates are solvent resistant.


Flexible and efficient levels of performance: The wide array of industrial inkjet printing solutions on the market cover an extensive range of sophisticated printing processes. The variety of options available in our modular system help you to stand out from the crowd and can be used to create a solution with a price/performance ratio tailored precisely to any set of requirements.

Perfectly airtight: Leak-proof printer components are essential for longterm, fault-free operation. KNF liquid pumps feature an outstanding, tried-and-tested hermetically sealed pump head design and a large selection of hydraulic connection options, keeping them fully airtight at all times.

Every application is different and some are one of a kind. Our modular system is designed to give you a high degree of flexibility, speed and reliability. You can be sure that every gas and liquid pump supplied by KNF will exactly meet your requirements, no matter how complex or unusual these might be. This includes a broad range of accessories. We work closely with you to design customized project pumps that give you a competitve edge in your target market. From its configuration to its testing conditions and packaging as well as customized warehouse and logistics concepts - your project pump is tailored to your particular needs.

KNF offers a range of 70 series models designed for handling gases and liquids. The performances of these are described in our data sheets.

It is easy to tailor every series model to meet application-specific requirements by selecting and combining a variety of options. These range from the material used to make the pump components that come into contact with the media, to the drive and the mechanical elements such as the circuit points and connections. The configurations created by the KNF modular system are based on tried and tested individual components, meaning that developing customized pumps is quick and inexpensive.



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We support your development project by providing you with sample pumps quickly and easily. In consultation with you, our employees from the sales, engineering, and product management divisions determine the modifications to be made to the product’s standard technical parameters.