Solenoid Diaphragm Liquid pumps

Liquid pumps with solenoid drive are a great choice if customers are looking for good controllability of the flow rate or even want to be able to deliver single strokes. They also have an integrated valve function, which prevents uncontrolled flow of liquid in off-mode (NC-valve). The linear drives achieve a very high lifetime of up to 10‘000h (>200 million strokes). The pumps are availbale with many different hydraulic connections.

Модель Производ-ть
на атм. давлении
(м вод.ст.)
Высота всасывания,
(м вод.ст.)
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FL 10 0.1 10 2
FMM 20 0.018 10 4
FMM 80 0.048 10 4